B~R~G Hunters

Online Hunting at: bootsplace.servegame.com       ......Inactive atm !

             (There is No  Baglimit on our BRG Server)

                                Rules for hunting on BRG server ip

1. Never Kick or Ban Players from our server.

    (never cast kick or ban votes ..always vote F3 to votes like these.)

2.  No Bad words  !!!    (small children are also playing DH 2005)

3.  Always give your Hunter a name.   (No John's or Player 1)

4.   Never make a Vote for Mapchange before the last 2 minutes in the Game. (unless you're alone)

5.   Unless there are mentioned other rules in the "Message of the day"  ... flycam are  allowed in all BRG Servers. 

6.    Always be nice  and start with a  "Hi or Hello"   ..when you join  BRG Servers.

7.  Leave the server in same settings when done playing.  >TIME: 15 minutes - Game Type: Best Trophy <

8. Limited members can paticipate in Forums/Blog. (Same can Members and Moderators)

9. All members/limited of BRG are welcome in forums and News..   

10. Most important Rule !!   .... HAVE FUN 


                                                       Please  Keep the Rules !!!

     You will find the server by type  in the givein box when you open the game and click online !


    Welcome on BRG~Servers. Atm. No Password required !


   BRG Team ~ Free Downloads for all ~ Online servers ~ 16 BRG Maps.


                      Custom Map Installation:

Installing custom maps is relatively simple. The most difficult part is placing the map
in the proper folder on your hard drive. Custom Maps must be placed in the “CustomLevels” folder
under your game folder. The CustomLevels folder is generally located in
C:\Program Files\Atari\Deer Hunter 2005\Game\CustomLevels.
DH2005 custom levels will have a .spk file extension such as Chupa Island.spk

The following instructions are based on Internet Explorer V6.
If you are using another browser the procedure should be similar.

To download and install the custom level make sure DH2005 is not running,
then click on the Map Name which is found on the Current Tournament Rules page.

A “File Download” window will open asking if you want to Open,
Save, or Cancel the file download. Click on Save. A second window will open titled “Save as:.

In the upper portion of this window there is a small box which has Save in: to the left of it.
 On the right side of this window there is a small downward pointing arrow.
Click on this arrow and it will show a drop down list of your hard drive(s) folders.

Click on the Drive Letter where your DH2005 game is installed. This is usually C:
next click on Program Files, then Atari, then Deer Hunter 2005, then Game and finally CustomLevels.

(C:\Program Files\Atari\Deer Hunter 2005\Game\CustomLevels.)

Now simply click on the Save button at the bottom right of the “Save as” window.

Once the file is saved it will have either an .spk file extension or a .zip file extension.
If it has a .spk extension it is ready to use.
 If, however, it has a .zip file extension you will need to "unzip" the file before using it.

To unzip the file you will need a zip program installed on your computer
Windows XP has one built into it if using a different operating system
you may need to install one such as "WinZip".

Once you have an unzipping program you will need to go to the "Customlevels" folder
and select your downloaded .zip file. Double clicking on the file should bring it up in a window.

There will be an option to "Extract" the file either at the top of this window
or under the "File" menu in the upper left of the window. Select the file then click on extract.

In the "extract to" window browse to the "Customlevels" folder.
Extract the file into the "Customlevels" folder. It should extract with a .spk extension.

The file is now ready to use in your game.

Now start the DH2005 game,
and you should find the custom map below the Official Maps in the “Location” section of the game.









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